Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush

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An old-school titan, Blueberry by Dutch Passion is a connoisseur favourite that has endured the test of time. She has been used as a base for countless modern hybrids, all wanting to emulate her rich flavour and potent relaxing high. It will probably come as no surprise to know she is a multi-award winner as well. Blueberry flowers in 9 weeks and produces a respectable medium yield.


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Purchase Blueberry Kush online at  Buy Weed France which is the next cannabis shop in Europe. The original Blueberry is the most popular of the Blue Family of cannabis strains that consists of her and her sisters Blue Velvet, Blue Moonshine, Blue Heaven, and Flo. She got her name because of her delightful and authentic blueberry flavor and aroma and her beautiful flowers that ripe from red to purple to a nice blueberry blue. With genetics from some of the best Afghani Indica and Thai Sativas as well as with minor Mexican influences, she produces very resinous buds that will delight every grower. buy moonrocks online in Europe


As you would expect from a first-class strain such as Dutch Passion’s Blueberry, she already took home several awards like the 2000 Cannabis Cup where she dominated the competition. Smoking her is an experience, not only for her fresh and fruity blueberry aroma but also for her pleasant high that is euphoric and can last for several hours.

Purchase Blueberry Kush online

Purchase Blueberry Kush online

This legendary strain has roamed this world for decades. Blueberry, by Dutch Passion, was developed to provide indica enthusiasts with classy physical highs. This cultivar won the 1st prize in High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000. Needless to say, this strain is a champion. Blueberry is one of those impeccable strains that will never become unpopular. Many strains have been hybridized with this titan to deliver that special Blueberry touch.

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With its 80% Indica dominance and 20% Sativa genetics, Blueberry induces couch-locking and physically stoned effects. The sensations are very unique, one can expect a certain type of body buzz, which only Blueberry can produce.



After only 9 weeks of flowering, Blueberry is ready for harvest and curing. The temperatures should not exceed 26°C during the last weeks of flowering, otherwise, the terpenes will start evaporating, and the fruity berry aromas shall fizzle out. This cultivar is medium-sized, a classic Indica growth can be expected. Many Blueberry growers plant several seeds to find the ultimate mother plant. This excellence contains strong genetics, perfect for cloning. The yields are on the medium scale, for both outdoor and indoor growers. Blueberry buds become so dank, that humbler yields are tolerable. One can expect beautiful purple shades covering the calyxes. Purchase Blueberry Kush online
Blueberry is recommended for medium to experienced growers. Although, with enough dedication, even novice growers can develop the dankest of the dank.