Purple Diesel

Purple Diesel

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Purple Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid (85% sativa/15% indica). The strain is a potent cross between the rare yet popular Purple Thai X Haze strains. This dank bud boasts a THC level ranging from 14-19% on average and an array of Sativa and Indica effects( buy purple diesel online ). Purple Haze was named after Jimi Hendrix’s classic 1967 song and is one of the most famous strains ever thanks to its popularity in the 1960s.


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Users describe the Purple Haze high as one with almost immediate high-energy cerebral stimulation accompanied by an intense sense of creative inspiration and blissful contentment. You may experience a mild body buzz that is warming and spreads from your head and neck throughout the rest of your body. Due to these potent effects, Purple Haze in ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, and chronic stress or anxiety. Purple Haze has long, dense pepper-shaped nugs that are light minty green with rich purple undertones.

Cover the nugs in long thin light and dark purple hairs and a fine layer of milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin. Purple Haze has a sweet earthy berry aroma and a pungent berry taste with a hint of spice.


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Though Purple Haze weed seeds are advertised as a balance of Sativa and Indica. It is definitely the Sativa strain that dominates this little lady. Purple Haze grows fast (though not too tall). It is resilient and the level of sticky trichomes that litter the mature plant is absolutely ridiculous. As the name suggests, keep G13 Labs Purple Haze cold. Those delicious purple colors will emerge through the leaves, the calyxes. Even at the tips of the flowers to improve bag appeal and intensify that delicious flavor (buy purple haze online).

Expect a flowering time of 50-65 days. In which long, mouth-watering calyxes are going to produce a weight of buds. That even the most discerning grower can be proud of. And they all offer a beautiful soaring Haze high that creates a super-potent cerebral effect. Combined with strong acting pain relief qualities to make your life complete. It is energizing, it is creative and it offers a feeling of happiness that words cannot express. Forget depression, stress or even anorexia, this little lady has it covered and then some.
For powerful medicinal marijuana, incredible cerebral potency and fantastic commercial draw. Purple Haze Cannabis seed are one strain you should never ignore.