Anesthesia Weed Strain

Anesthesia Weed Strain

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Anesthesia is named for the narcotic, body stone that its smoke induces. By definition, “anesthesia” is a state in which awareness of pain or discomfort in the body is reduced, and relaxing or sedative effect is created. The Anesthesia variety causes a deep physical mellowing that slowly works through one’s limbs like a warm blanket, while allowing the mind to stay engaged. As a medicinal strength strain, it may be too potent to be enjoyable for beginners or casual recreational smokers. However, patients who rely on indica body effects but want to stay mentally alert will enjoy the balance of these qualities. The old school taste is earthy and dark, with a hint of coffee tones that will appeal to fans of deep hashy flavors.


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Anesthesia was developed specifically to keep the Afghani Skunk alive. A classic among old-school strains, the original Afghani Skunk was passed along to a breeder Whazzup as a clone from a renowned veteran grower who had grown the strain for many years. Sannie’s Herijuana was selected as the father in order to add medicinal strength and a more open structure to the indica density of the Afghani. Anesthesia’s original mother was vegetated outdoors, then pollinated and bloomed in an indoor garden. The result is a smoke with a distinctly earthy Afghan flavor and a deeply relaxing buzz. buy Anesthesia Weed Strain online 

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Anesthesia starts as a low branchy plant with broad indica leaves. When grown from seed, these plants branch extensively and yield better with ample space, but they still tend to form ane large dense main cola. Anesthesia prefers a calcium-rich substrate, but all growing techniques and mediums are okay. In a sea of green method, gardeners should plant no more than nine plants per square meter. It is also great for screen of green gardens due to the branching and open structure. This wide plant needs generous floor space to reach its full potential. Whazzup recommends 4-5 plants per square meter when grown as multi-branch plants from cuttings. Anesthesia shows gender relatively late. As she enters flowering, the growth speeds up, and she doubles in size, reaching between 3.5 and 4 feet (1 meter) in height. buy Anesthesia Weed Strain online

Anesthesia is a 90% indica and a 10% sativa strain that induces very physical and relaxing effects. The legendary Black Domina and Northern Lights are the proud parents of this strain; they can relate with their super chilled and sedating effects. It’s a very aromatic strain that spreads its fragrances miles from its origin. One can expect those Anesthesia buds to deliver sweet and sour flavors. buy sour moonrocks online

Indoor growers receive around 500g/m² of deeply relaxing buds from their plants, while outdoors, the yields amount to 500–1000g/plant. When grown under expert care, the flowering period will last for around 55 days and the buds will become covered with delicious-looking crystals. Outdoor growers need to harvest Anesthesia in mid-September. The plants become relatively short, reaching approximately 120cm in stature. buy Anesthesia Weed Strain online


Relaxed 39%
Sleepy 39%
Euphoric 31%
Happy 31%
Uplifted 26%
Pain 52%
Stress 44%
Anxiety 39%
Insomnia 36%
Depression 18%
Dry mouth 36%
Dry eyes 26%
Dizzy 18%
Paranoid 15%
Headache 5%