Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

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TYPE: Sativa Dominant

THC: Up to 30% usually around 24%

CBD: Around 1.5%

Genetics: Cross of Haze, Northern Lights, Skunk, and Highland Oaxaca Gold APPEARANCE: Bright green buds completely covered in THC and bright orange hairs.

SMELL: Alaskan Thunderfuck has a strong diesel like smell that is very pungent and skunky

BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Pain Relief, Appetite, Depression and Migraines

CREATED FEELINGS: The buzz is strong, nice and relaxing.  The initial hit sends a sudden wave of relief down your back.  The taste is wonderful and up lifting. This is definitely a very stoney strain.

SIMILAR STRAINS: Agent Orange and Chemdawg


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The Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as “ATF,” is a Sativa dominant strain.  Do you fancy some subtle physical relaxation with a strong sense of mental focus? Order Alaskan Thunderfuck strain to get your brain to do some analytical thinking. ATF has enjoyed a long and storied history. The strain first appeared on the cannabis radar back in the mid-1970s when High Times did a feature story on the strain following a landmark court decision that essentially legalized marijuana possession for small amounts within the state. Originally, this strain was as close as you’re going to get to a true Sativa, but a few years after its conception, the strain had Afghani genetics bred in for increased heartiness. weed for sale online in France


Flavors: Citrus, Grape, Pine, Spicy, Sweet
Effects: Aroused, Energizing, Euphoria
Medical: Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia
Potency: 16-23% THC Content

buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Online France

buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Online France


Overall best quality weed for sale


Alaskan Thunderfuck should be considered mostly a morning or daytime smoking option due to its pleasant and uplifting nature. This is definitely not a strain for beginning or even moderate growers, as ATF plants can be very finicky. In addition, do not respond well to changes in climate, and absolutely hate humidity. So as long as you got those issues cover, you’re good. BUY ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK ONLINE FRANCE.

ATF has been found useful in treating depression, PTSD, anxiety, headaches, and chronic pain. Even here on the West Coast, the ATF strain can be somewhat hard to find. So we are making you a rare offer!! buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Online France